PREMIUM: Ghraoui Chocolate Manufacture project

PREMIUM: Ghraoui Chocolate Manufacture project

Hosting, Web development, Search engine optimisation, user experience and site building by Villam Marketing agency

GHRAOUI chocolate is one of our premium works. We emphasise quality display, UX, photography and branding.
The products are the main point of the project: The visitor must feel that this is the world’s best chocolate, quality product, and still affordable to anyone, internationally.
The WordPress CMS based website is an absolutely unique development – unique templating, unique solutions.
For example, we developed unique reusable templates, which can be used (which is integrated) with WPBakery’s famous page builder. The layouts are based on the user’s choice, they are mobile friendly, retina-ready, and they have parallax movement.
The site also has a smooth-scrolling feature, which also improves user experience. It is not laggy, it is so smooth.
Unique YouTube video implementation: We added a youtube video implementation feature to the layouts we developed. The javascript code will recognise, if the layout has a youtube video, so the layout’s block will have a premium youtube video icon, and when clicked, the video is loaded asynchronously, really smooth, no delay, no lagging.
Google maps integration: We also embedded Google map into the website. At first, we designed the map according to the site’s colour palette, but later the managers decided to leave its original Google taste, so don’t hurt it. We kept it simple, no coloring, just Google.
We also made perfect the footer section. Perfect colouring, logo positioning in the footer’s background, some links. Nothing too complex, just simplicity.

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